At the Forefront No More, Mr. President?

18 Jan 2011

Yesterday, I was shocked by some news reporting the progress of Gayus-gate, so to speak. Despite of the massive publicity upon his travels to Macau and Singapore, I saw no expression of guilty on Gayus face as we watched it nearly every day in all televisions. I saw no pale-looks like most of criminals had. My shock immediately reached the highest level when another news reported about Gayus gusti ora sare-pledoi as he asked to be pointed as Police Chief staff or Corruption Eradicate Commission (KPK) staff. Thus, all I said was: This is insane!

Corruption, tax crimes, and court mafias; I could not remember how many speeches our elected president, SBY, has had to command his aides Police Chief, Minister of Legal and Human Rights, Attorney General, and so forth to be serious on handling such cases. Yet, I have not seen any progress on solving those problems. Century-gate has been going nowhere, police-prosecutor-judge has been easily bribed, and Gayus-gate is getting worse day by day. Should I turn off my television, burn my newspapers and stay away from the internet so that I can fix my appetite?

Back in time, I once heard somewhere in the television, a popular presidential candidate repeatedly uttered on his campaigns that he would lead beforehand all efforts to eradicate corruptions in this country. On many occasions, this former-candidate had always proclaimed his commitment to fight the corruptors beforehand. In short, his commitment was to be at the forefront on every tenacious endeavors of putting corruptors to the jail.

At the forefront, that words remind me of Dino Patti Djalals work entitled The Can Do Leadership. Dino, former presidential spokesperson (now ambassador in US), wrote on his very first chapter about SBY presidency that in state of crisis, a good leader should assess condition directly, by his own eyes, in order to make a fast and proper decision. Dino named his writing: In A Crisis, A Leader Must Be at Forefront, a very thoughtful writing indeed. Tsunami in Aceh, 7 years ago, was a good example of SBYs forefront leadership, according to Dino. Neglecting his aides advice to return to Jakarta first, SBY asserted to arrange a flight to Aceh right after his visit to Nabire, Papua. SBY wanted to know by himself how bad the situation in Aceh was. By being at the frontline, a leader could gained a deeper insight that he would never had from any written reports from his aides. I do really love this part of Dinos writing: In this hour of darkness, it was important for Indonesians to know that they had a competent leader in their midst. I obviously agree with Dino, at that time of crisis, we were lucky to have such an inspiring leader.

Frankly, I still believe that SBY is still the same person though time goes by. I have a strong feeling that the character of forefront leadership still runs on his blood. All that I have been worrying is that he has lost his sense of crisis. Or else, Im afraid that the word crisis has no synonyms but merely natural disaster, such as tsunami, earthquake, flood and so forth, for our president. I hope not.

I know that thousands people were died, whilst others suffered due to tsunami in Aceh. It was a painful tragedy, a nightmare for Indonesians. But how about corruption, tax crime, legal mafia-like? Arent they robbing people money? How many children unable to study due to poverty? How many youth unable to earn money due to the limit of jobs provided by government? How many poor people died by famine? I guess there are thousand or million people who are aggrieved by what Gayus and his gangs has done. It fits Dinos hour of darkness so much. Its like we are living amidst mafioso. So, when a criminal proposed himself to be a staff of our legal institutions, is it ridiculous not to categorize it as a crisis?

We want you to lead at the forefront once again Mr. President. To witness beforehand, to make decision needed, and to punish incompetence officers, whoever it will be. To show your critics that you are not a ‘behind the table-general’. Prove us that you deserve to be a commander-in-chief on war against corruption. We wish you all the best!




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